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Features between IPTV and Traditional TV | Tanggula TV Box

Features between IPTV and Traditional TV

These days, more of us are considering cutting the cord and getting rid of cable, and with good reason. One is that there are now more options. The other is simply the growing cost of traditional pay TV.

As viewers gain access to newest forms of entertainment in the form of handheld devices, the traditional TV is drawing its ace in the form of Internet TV, or as the techies call it, IPTV.

Cable TV uses coaxial cable to transmit data and satellite uses radio waves. IPTV uses the internet for data transmission.

IPTV gives an option to select a package with your favorite channels. Cable and satellite TV broadcasts tend to be less flexible.

Traditional TV is simple and do not require on service provider if antennas are directly connected with the TV set.

IPTV services are usually much cheaper than traditional TV providers.

Features between IPTV and Traditional TV

  1. About the technology:

Traditional TV: It is simple and do not require on service provider if antennas are directly connected with the TV set.

IPTV: It requires separate and complex hardware/software in order to provide the IPTV service to the subscribers/users.

  • Applications:

Traditional TV: only provide live video viewing and one channel at a time. Users do not have any control over the program being viewed. All are managed by broadcast TV service providers.

IPTV: Provides live as well as on demand channel viewing. Moreover multiple channels can be viewed on the single display screen. User can pre-program which channel to be viewed and at what time. There are many other services being offered along with video such as internet, voice calls etc.

IPTV and Traditional TV
  • Installation:

Traditional TV: The installation is simple and do not require other than antenna and balanced-unbalanced converter (in direct connection) and simple coaxial line connection (in indirect connection) from cable TV service provider. Now-a-days cable TV service providers are insisting on use of STB (set top box) to obtain the TV services.

IPTV: The installation requires dedicated IPTV set top box and TV should be IPTV compliant. The IPTV service can also be obtained on laptop, tablet, mobile phones unlike traditional approach.

  • Advantages/disadvantages:

Traditional TV: Three separate connections are needed to available these services from TV, internet and Telco service providers in traditional approach.

Indeed, now i go to order an IPTV BOX lol.

IPTV: One IPTV connection will provide all these three services i.e. voice, data and TV (i.e. video).

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