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watch live tv without cable (cut the cord)

1. Antenna

if live in a city or the suburbs, you can buy an inexpensive indoor TV antenna to pick up over-the-air channels from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS and other independent networks.

Pictured below is a antenna looking like. It costs about $40 and is attached to the wall behind my TV set.

For rural households that are far away from broadcast towers, an indoor antenna may not work. an outdoor antenna will be more suitable for you. These are still affordable, but expect to pay closer to $100.

the advantage for antenna is: cheap , the shortage is less channels & not good signal

2. Tanggula IPTV box

  • 4000+ Live TV of USA – Canada –UK –DE –AR –TR  no montly subscription fees
  • lots of US Local City Channels.
  • Premium PPV Events ( ESPN,UFC, WWA, NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL Games, Soccer …)
  • All Your Favorite News: BBS CNN Bloomberg CNBC SKAI NHK Euro News ABC  FOX NBC news,  VOA etc. 
  • Kids, Music, Movie, Lifestyle, Entertainment, News,  Adult, TV shows etc channels
  • VOD movies Update frequently
  • Parental Control(adult channles movies).
  • Out of the box, very easy to use, only connect the WIFI, then enjoy!

3. Live TV Streaming

there are several live TV streaming services that offer local channels. These cable TV replacements start at around $50 to $60 per month:

YouTube TV
Hulu + Live TV
Sling TV
Local stations vary by location. That’s why you need to go to each streaming provider’s website and enter your ZIP code to see which broadcast networks are available.