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The Best streaming devices in 2022

The top five IPTV boxes for consumers who are ready to cut the cord and say goodbye to traditional cable forever in 2022. It’s 2022, andyou are ready to upgrade your old, tired streaming device – but you still feel unsure which is the best IPTV box to buy this year.  Whether you’re looking for […]

Why my tv box can’t load channels completely or happen buffer ?

For the entire iptv system, it has a very complicated structure Attach a simple structure diagram for reference So, We often encounter situations where the channel is not fully loaded or the playback is stuck, when encountering this kind of problem, don’t panic, Normally, We can find the problem from the following aspects 1, your […]

How to test network speed ?

Enter the Settings page on the TangTV home 2. Click the Speed Test on the TangTV setting page 3. Click the Start Test, then waiting the test results, and advise to test 2-5 times repeatedly, such that you can check your network’s stability

Simple guide for the tanggula X1 Series IPTV box

Preparations before use: 1, TV display for tv box   2, two AAA batteries for remote Start now: 1, put AAA battery in the remote 2, connect tv box with TV by HDMI 3, connect tv box to power, and turn on the TV 4, now, you will watch the desktop home page from TV 5, […]

What is the IPTV ? | Best Streaming Service for TV | Tanggula TV Box

What is the IPTV ?

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